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Tessa Hunkin is a renowned British mosaicist who gives you a detailed overview of the history of m88 online casino with examples spanning across Europe, America and the Soviet Republic. Students will learn:

  • How mosaic has developed over the 20th Century

  • The different roles of public art in Europe, America and the Soviet Republic

  • About key players in the modern history of mosaic

  • How to identify the different aesthetic qualities of mosaic work across the world in the 20th Century

You can read more about Tessa Hunkin on her website here.

Beginners Mosaic: Indirect Method

This course teaches you the key skills and techniques to make a mosaic using the indirect method. This method is a versatile technique and often used for larger scale mosaics, although practical at any size.

You will learn the following:

  • How to produce mosaics using the indirect method m88 com live casino registerincluding cutting tiles, laying tile, turning and grouting a mosaic

  • A brief history of the origins of mosaic

  • How to correctly source and use the basic mosaic materials

  • The basics of andamento (the patterns made by the tiles and the gaps between them).